Some Updated Guidance On Astute Systems Of Clothes

And dont overwhelm her with too many questions and photos. After all, she let go of control for a reason. Consult with other bridesmaids Since you will be standing next to other bridesmaids at the ceremony and in pictures, youll want to look somewhat cohesive. If possible, I encourage bridesmaids to shop together or have a group text where they can store photos of their gowns once they've been selected. It will help everyone get a better feel for how the colors and styles will coordinate and ensures no two girls pick the same gown, says Schachinger. Brand recommends creating a look book for the bride so she can see all the dresses together and give her final seal of approval. Stay tasteful and practical Think modesty, even if its not your style. Avoid dresses that are too short, or too tight, as well as anything that will take too much attention away from the bride. Remember, this is her day not yours, says Brand.

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