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Questions about policies that affect farms and food access require a political science answer. The food studies program at USM aims to equip students with the academic understanding to critically analyze and address these questions by having a curriculum that uses theories from several disciplines. Food studies is the idea that youll study these varying perspectives from science to social science or humanities, integrate [that knowledge] into the understanding of the problems facing the food system, and then see where and how you can apply this knowledge practically, Hillard said. This semester, USM has two visiting faculty supporting the food studies program, Reynolds and Ardis Cameron. The food studies courses being offered include: Introduction to Food Systems; Food, Power and Social Justice; Food and the Environment; Food: History, Culture, Politics; and New England Foodscapes. The New England Foodscapes course is a collaboration between USM and the Maine Historical Society . The course is made up of a series of lectures ranging from topics such as sustainability, food waste and fisheries. The lectures, held at the Maine Historical Society in Portland, also are open to the public. Next year, the program will sponsor 25 paid internships for students minoring in food studies.