A Straightforward Overview On Eateries Tactics

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The college dropout and recipient of the prestigious Thiel Fellowship throws back about five cups of coffee a day on average. Thanks to his new invention, other coffee fiends in San Francisco can now get their fix in seconds. Cafe X Technologies Cafe X claims to be the first robot-powered cafe in the US. The kiosk takes customers' orders from a number of tablets stationed nearby, and serves coffes, lattes, and cappuccinos made with beans from local roasters. It opens January 30 in the city's Metreon shopping center. The robot, which is encased in a round, plexiglass shell, isn't all that intelligent. Hu says you can find six-axis, industrial robots like his on all sorts of assembly lines. It performs a pre-defined set of motions, such as moving a cup from under the milk dispenser to the syrup dispenser, or delivering a cup to the window where the customer is standing. But it's still incredibly fast. Cafe Xis capable of preparing between 100 and 120 drinks per hour, depending on the complexity of the orders, according to Hu. Customers can choosethe brand of beans and customize the amount of milk and flavors used.